Which is better analysis software: STAAD Pro or ETABS?

Which is better analysis software:

Which is better analysis software: STAAD Pro or ETABS?
Which is better analysis software: STAAD Pro or ETABS?


It is more updated with the latest version of ETABS of 2015. Hence revisions in code provisions and developments are incorporated every version. Staad, on the other hand, has its latest version in 2008,I guess.
With that said, minor improvements are made every version. CSI, the company of ETABS is in close association & touch with NICEE, IIT Roorkee, and other IITs. Hence field and lab observations are incorporated in ETABS. Design processor of ETABS is improved in every way possible, like in beams. (This was said by Prof Yogender Singh, IIT Roorkee). So esp when Indian IS codes are used, enhanced efficiency is obtained.
Staad always gives higher demand for steel reinforcement. (Which sometimes is illogical and when checked manually proves to be excessive).This is why reputed structural consultants in Delhi, Blore, Mumbai moved to ETABS long ago, in addition to reasons mentioned above. Eg. Vintech consultants, Delhi who designs many buildings of DLF, Jaypee used ETABS in its office. Also, they do this after proving the credibility of ETABS by manual calculations.
ETABS is used in the structural design of Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 and many other prominent high rises. Hence credibility. SOM, worlds leading consultant who also design Bruj Khalifa, China TV tower mostly uses ETABS. Also, most local Gulf/Middle East consultants use ETABS too. For Burj Khalifa, read the paper by the designer William Baker, SOM- http://global.ctbuh.org/resource…
ETABS have a robust feature of pushover/P-delta analysis and time history analysis. A friend of mine in IIT Gau is doing Ph.D. basically on Pushover designs using ETABS. Hence the vastness of the software.
Newer versions of ETABS has detailing provisions. Eg. as per SP 34. As we know detailing takes time and sucks. But ETABS does it post analysis and design and generates detailing drawings too. Awesome right! (Could be a bane to Draftsmen\U0001f62c)
Once you correctly define materials in ETABS, things are taken care in the modeling process. Like ETABS automatically takes care of dead load. You have to assign dead loads manually in Staad.
If you seriously want to be strong in your analytical skills, read the book written by the man behind ETABS- Ed Wilson “Three Dimensional Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures”  This document contains Links to
ETABS is basically the product of University of California, Berkely. Credibility.
ETABS is quite self-explanatory and the ‘Help’ inside the software is simple to understand. Also, you will find many useful tutorials on YouTube and PDF.
Tweak-ability of ETABS: Shear wall design, stiffness modifiers, mass source, restraints, diaphragm…
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