What is the civil engineer software that must know in 2019?

What are the software’s that a civil engineer must know?
In the civil engineering field most of the work done by Software,that’s why a civil engineer have to learn these software.
Software depends upon the civil engineering work.
example for structure analysis and design we required Staad pro, etabs, sap2000. etc
for  project management we required Primvera, MSP etc.
For drafting a civil engineer require autocad, revit etc.
Where we learn civil engineer software ?
If you join any institute for these software, institute  provide training too high, like for staad pro one month course they take 20000/-
You can learn free of cost.
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sap2000 series
Ansys series
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This is the list of software:-
Microsoft Office ( Excel, Power Point, Word )
SAP 2000
Google Sketchups
3d Home Architect
3d Max
abacus cae
CSi bridge
staad foundation
MX road
Bently Road Network .etc
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