The influence of shoring on structural


The influence of shoring on structural behavior during concreting is often ignored. In the most common situations this shoring does not have great impacts, but in atypical situations the diagrams obtain relevant values.

When one has a slab of large spans on a pavement (usually for architectural reasons) the thickness of the pavement becomes larger and consequently its own weight as well. If there is a slab below, the shoring will transfer to it loads of the proper weight of the soft concrete.
In some situations this load may be greater than the load of use of the building, thus generating a situation of insecurity.
The above analysis consists of a massive slab of 6x6m and 15cm of thickness on the roof, being anchored on a slab of 12cm and 3 meters of span. The images show the results that showed a difference in the positive moments.
✔️Momento in the calf without anchor = 2,48 kN.m
✔️ Moment in club with anchor = 4,59 kN.m


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