Staad pro full course in one video 45 minutes


Staad pro v8i full course from basic to advance in one video

Content of Staad pro full course

  • Introduction
  • Staad editor
  • GUI-Graphical user interface
  • Types of cursor
  • property
  • Model editing tool
  • load
  • analysis
  • result check
  • RCC design
  • check reinfocement
  • RCC building analysis and design
  • Staad pro full course


  • In this video we learn staad pro v8i from basic to advance, first of all we know that how to start staad pro and open new project.
  • Then we learn how to set units and environment for project.
  • after that we learn how to create model and loads by command in staad editor
  • then we understand coordinate system
  • after that we learn how to create frame by staad editor
  • then we learn how to assign loads
  • after that we learn transnational repeat tool.
  • then create multistory building, assign property and loads
  • after that we learn how to create load combination
  • then assign RCC design parameter
  • then analysis
  • and last we check result, graphically and table form
  • overview of output
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Staad pro full course


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