SAP2000v20 Tutorial basic day-1 (Analysis of Continuous beam with different type of loading)


CSI SAP2000 Tutorial basic day-1

What is SAP2000?

-Introduced 30 years ago
-For Engineers working on

     public works,
     sports, and other facilities.

-3D based graphic
-create a complex structure and meshing
-integrated design code
-Automatically generate

bridge, and seismic loads


-large deformation analysis
-Eigen and Ritz’s analyses based on the stiffness of nonlinear cases
-Catenary cable analysis
-Material nonlinear analysis with fiber hinges
-Multi-layered nonlinear shell element
-Buckling analysis,
-Progressive collapse analysis,
– Energy methods for drift control,
-Velocity-dependent dampers,
-Base isolators, support plasticity, and nonlinear segmental construction analysis.

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