Parbati hydropower project II Visited by Dr. binod Kumar Singh



Parbati hydropower project II

Parbati Hydroelectric Project (Stage-II) is a run-of-the-river scheme proposed to harness hydro potential of the lower reaches of the river Parbati. The river is proposed to be diverted with a Concrete Gravity Dam at Village Pulga in Parbati valley through 31.52 Km long Head Race Tunnel and the Power House shall be located at village Suind in Sainj valley. Thus gross head of 863 m between Pulga and Suind will be utilized for generating 800MW power. The diverted discharge of the river Parbati has been further augmented by diverting the discharge of various nallahs falling along the HRT alignment

Comment of Dr. binod Kumar Singh

  • Very difficult geological rock profile with lots of shear zone in 31 km long Head Race Tunnel of diameter 6.8 m with total 5 adits
  • Due to very hard quartzite rock rate of cutting is very slow. Average movement is 1m per day only now a days. With this rate another two years is required to commission

For More Information you can visit this website:- Parbati hydropower project

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