How to release moment in beams in STAAD Pro?

I am beginner to Staad and hence i have numerous doubt. I am designing a multi-storey steel building which is having number of floors. Now, there are continuous beam, column to column beam( primary beam), beams supporting on these primary beam(secondary beam), beams supporting on secondary beam etc. Now one thing i know for sure if i use heavy section staad will consider it as a main beam as other beams are too weak to take loads. Can any body please take out their precious time and spend here to explain me how do i define these. Some says release Mz to avoid torsion to supporting beam( what connection type will be this, But then there were continuous secondary beams resting on primary beams so i was again confused, but one of my friends said its better to release the Mx in the Primary beam supporting 1.stdthe secondary beam, at the node where the secondary beam is resting on the primary one.


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Author: Engineers4civil

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