Make Mini brick at home of Different Size Step by Step


In this article we learn how to make different types of mini brick


Step-1 :-Excavate soil for mini brick

Excavate clay from ground, good quality clay depends upon the your ground condition, in my area i was found good clay for mini brick after excavate 5c.m.

Step-2:-Dry soil for mini brick

After excavate soil, you have to dry this soil in the sunlight 3 to 4 hrs.) or oven 15 mint).

Step-3:-sieve soil for mini brick

Sieve the Soil, by sieving you have get fine soil of making mini bricks

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Step-4:-mix grass in soil

In step-4, you have to add dry grass in the clay, for dry grass your clay stick with mould capacity decrease nad it easily come out from the mould.

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Step-5:-dough soil

Most important step-5, because of water mixing in the clay is most important part to make mini bricks, if less water add then difficult to clay take mould shape and if we add more water then its difficult to brick take out from the mould, so you have to add water at balance quantity.
around 15 minutes dough the clay.

Step-6:-fill mould

In step 6 you have to fill clay in the mould and take out from the mould then dry brick in the sunlight.

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Step-7:-baking brick

In step 7 you have to Bake brick around 24 hours, you can use method like above tutorial.

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