How do We start preparing for the GATE 2020?

 GATE 2020
GATE 2020
How do We start preparing for the GATE 2019?
·          5–6 MONTHS—Pick up GATE 2018 question paper for your branch and solve the first question. Did it? Do the next. Stumble upon this? Now you know from which chapter this question has been asked right? Take a standard text book, read the whole chapter, do the exercise, then read the same chapter from another book. Solve its exercise. Now get back to the GATE 2018 question paper, go to the next question, and repeat the whole process. In this way you will solve the GATE 2018 paper in 5–6 months may be, but all the syllabus will be covered once.
·         3-4 MONTHS— take up the GATE-2007 to 2018 question papers and you will not stumble much this time, if you stumble just solve them discussing with friends, teachers, books, internet, pick a copy and note those particular hard questions with solution.
·         3 MONTHS— revise the syllabus thoroughly with again solving the exercise, follow only minimum study material and don’t skip the exercise.
·         2 MONTHS— Give online mock tests daily and analyses them, do not engage in choosing coaching forum, pick one and start the online practice, you will find your talent of making all kinds of silly mistakes. Rectify them as much as possible, if you stumble upon any question just revise that particular area, don’t go for the whole chapter.
·          One month— remember you made a copy for those very hard questions and their solutions. Revise them.

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