Preparation of Gate 2020 civil engineering


Day-1 for gate preparation

10 Random Question Solved for gate preparation

Day-1 GAte 2020 Preparation
GAte 2020 Preparation

Sachin Bhardwaj, Aviation Officer at Indian Oil Corporation Limited (2017-present)
Answered Oct 10, 2017
Originally Answered: What exactly was your GATE preparation strategy?
I started my preparation for GATE on 1st of September 2016. But i had my plans straight. I planned my initial days preparation and started with Thermodynamics and completed it in 10 days with all solved examples and previous years questions. Then this subject finishing time started extending upto 12–15 days per subject. Then I started deviating from my preparation and the bad thing was that i knew i was wasting time but i wasn’t doing anything about it. Then i thought of something. And i wrote GATE 2017 under 300 on a number of pages and stuck them on every wall of my room. The next day i woke up i felt fresh.

I started preparing again and everyday i felt that i did well on a specific day i used to put a tick on one GATE 2017 under 300 page. I used to feel real good whenever that happened and slowly that started happening frequently.

I started giving test series papers on 1st of December. And in 2 months i finished all my papers. These papers helped me a lot. I used to give papers in morning and analyse and improve in evening. I started getting 80–84 marks in those tests from mid January.

My confidence was adequately high in the last few days of my preparation. The judgement day came and i was calm.

Committed a few silly mistakes as everyone does. Got a rank of 362. Not very happy but i knew i can do well in interviews. Eventually got selected in IOCL.

A number of days came when i felt real low but


I got lucky and now i am very happy.

One thing more I always used to think that HOW I WILL CELEBRATE WHEN I WILL SUCCEED. This kept me motivated in all the times.

I am really proud of myself.

I kept deviating but i kept hitting back. That’s all you gotta do when you have an aim.

Don’t plan for too much ahead. Just prepare for one day at a time.

Gate preparation

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