How to calculate the volume of concrete in stair

the volume of concrete in the staircase

In this video you can learn how to calculate volume of concrete in stair case


Parts of Staircase

A Stair case provide path between two floors
Two parts of staircase:- 1. Step 2. Landing.
Step a triangular part of staircase that have two part Riser and Tread.
Riser is a vertical part of step, Tread is a horizontal part.
Landing is a part between slab and flight.
Flight of a staircase has normally two types one is above landing and one is below landing.

Parts of Staircase
Parts of Staircase

Types of Stair

How to calculate volume of concrete in staircase

Step-1:- Calculate the number of steps in Stair
Number of Stair = H/R , H =height of stair, R=rise of Stair
Step-2:- Then calculate Horizontal length of stair
Horizontal length of stair= Tread X Number of steps.
Steps-3:- Now Calculate waist length
using Pythagoras theorem and calculate waist length
Step-4:- First of all Calculate Waist volume = BxLxD
Step-5:-then Calculate steps volume = area of step X B

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